Sitting Room Progress


This room of our house has had many names.  Dining room, office, library, art room, homeschool room, and now: the sitting room.  AKA my command center.  As such, it had gotten more use than all the other rooms combined.

Lest you think that I just started this project today, let me be clear.  It took me about one week to get the painting done that you see in the above picture.  At 19 weeks pregnant today, I find that the only time I can muster up any energy to even consider a project is in the morning.  All of my best intentions are swept away as my goals simplify: make sure the the family is fed, make sure the littlest gets down for a nap… aaaaaaand that’s about it.

So in an uncharacteristic burst of energy I kept some momentum going to roll the third coat of white paint (gah!) and brush the fourth coat (double gah!) of the edging.  Which is where I landed at the above picture.  Then I surpassed my wildest expectations and actually got some of the things I wanted up on the wall.


If you look at the “before”, you’ll probably see that I’ve learned not to be overly ambitious; finishing the paint on one complete wall is a good goal for me at this point. Never mind that I used to paint whole rooms in four or five hours.  Those days are a long way off for me I’m afraid.  So I’ll settle for my little semi-complete corner, and I’ll do a little more tomorrow. After all…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”         -Lao Tzu

Sitting Room Progress